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If you have a lot to tell us, it is advisable to pop in for a free consultation if you are able to. That way we can clarify your ideas more easily face to face. If you can’t then it’s not issue, we’d require a more detailed message instead. For your free consultation, simply contact us by any of the above methods and we will book in a date and time. If you pop in without an appointment time, we won’t be able to guarantee that the artist will have any or enough time to thoroughly go through your ideas with you as they may be working on another client. If you cannot make your consultation then please let us know as soon as you can.
The more we know about what your ideas are, the more likely we are to have that understanding so that we can execute the perfect tattoo for you. Any photos for referencing, measurements of design, body placement, choice of colour/lack of colour, desired style etc really aids the artist. Even telling us what you definitely do not want us to include will really help with the process.
Yes we do, depending on the condition of the tattoo. Send us a message along with a photo and your ideas so we can arrange a consultation to see what would work best for your tattoo.
Unless the design is a pre-drawn piece of flash work, there is no set price for a tattoo. For custom tattoos, factors such as size, body positioning, detail and complexity all affect the overall price of your tattoo. Our artists will be able to give you a quote after discussing all of these factors once you have both discussed your design ideas.
Once we have spoken with you about your ideas, we will require a deposit to secure an appointment date with you. Your deposit will vary depending on the price of your design as a whole. The deposit will go towards the total price, so you will only pay the remaining cost of your appointment on the day. We accept deposits via PayPal if you cannot make it into the studio. PayPal addresses will be given when discussing your appointment. If deposit is given in person, we will give you an appointment card with the date, time and artist.
Contact us with at least 48 hours notice and we can carry over the deposit to a newly re-scheduled appointment. We do not give back deposits so please do not attempt to claim it back. Please take into consideration that if you do not turn up, our artists could’ve used your time slot for another potential client if we had sufficient notice, so the deposit is used to compensate that scenario. Please note that if you are feeling very ill then we advise you to reschedule your appointment due to our sanitary environment.
Ensure you have plenty of sleep, food and water. Please avoid drinking and taking blood thinning medication the day before as you will bleed more. This will in turn push out the ink and affect the overall quality of your tattoo. We advise you to bring some snacks and a sugary drink to keep your energy levels up whilst being tattooed. It is also a good idea to wear suitable clothing, ie. clothing that will not obstruct the area that is going to be tattooed. Wearing white or light coloured clothing on the tattooed area tends to be a bad idea as the ink can stain your clothing.
We strongly advise not getting tattooed before going on holiday, particularly if it it a sun, sea and sand holiday. Chlorine and UV rays are a big no no for your tattoo and would discourage healthy healing. Getting sand granules inside your tattoo wouldn’t help either!
5-6 hours is a reasonable time frame to leave on your clingfilm. This is to prevent any infections from occurring due to exposure to dirt. A new tattoo is practically an open wound and should be treated like one.
Clean your tattoo 2-3 times daily with warm water and anti-bac soap. Use paper towels to pat and dab dry as opposed to wiping. Do not use tissue, cotton buds or anything that can break apart into your tattoo and cause infection. When dry, apply cream. There are an array of creams that may work for some and may not for others as they tend to be down to personal preference for your skin type. Please talk to our artists to discuss what may work best for you.
Healing time is not necessarily the same for everybody and you’d need to take into consideration the detail of the tattoo as well as placement and size. Healing on areas that require a lot of movement such a the fingers and elbows, may cause ink to fall out. You will most likely need touch ups on these areas, so consider this when thinking of your desired tattoo placement. On average, a tattoo can take 4-6 weeks to heal but approximately 3 months to really settle into the skin. If you are having a continuation piece, it is possible to have another appointment from 2 weeks after the previous session once scabbing has cleared.
A lot of people worry that their new tattoo looks very dark. Do not be alarmed, black and grey tattoos in particular can look particularly dark at first, but as they heal they soften and lighten. Fresh tattoos can also have a red hue to them due to the bleeding, but be assured that the redness disappears as your tattoos heals.

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