Best Arm Full Tattoo by Sameer Patange


Best Arm Full Tattoo by Sameer Patange!

Formed and guided by one of the oldest (not by age) and most experienced name in Indian tattooing Sameer Patange and his team.


Arm Full Tattoo

Best Arm Full Tattoo by Sameer Patange!, The Founder of Kraayonz  Tattoo Studios group Founder and manay awrd winning tattoo artist from Mumbai India.

Here at Kraayonz© tattoo studio it is our constant endeavor to provide our clients with the best tattooing experience they can have. We aim to establish ourselves as the most trustedtattoo brand in India and we would to do this via our high quality of work, and our stringent hygiene requirements. By giving the Indian tattoo industry, some of the best tattoo artists Sameer is definitely on the right road to do it. From our clients we ask for only two things, a passion for ink and an open mind.

  • Arm Full Tattoo

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